Theatrical Productions and Films

Bompart Productions produces films and engages in theatrical productions. We also put on classical music and operatic performances. Bompart Productions is pleased to embrace the time-honored traditions of the Theater. Bompart Productions produces plays off-Broadway and we presently have a play premiering at the Rogue Theater Festival on December 10, 2020. We have produced many plays off-Broadway (see below).

Rogue Theater Festival in Greenwich Village

We would to invite everyone to buy tickets for our upcoming play "Idolatry" on December 10, 2020 at the Rogue Theater Festival , located at the 13th Street Repretory Theater in Greenwich Village. This is online so anyone may attend. Tickets are here.

In our play, Idolatry, Anna and Andrew, a young couple, are having dinner with Anna's parents. The subject of their son, Alex, comes up. The family quarrels over Alex's recent diagnosis of ADHD and how best to address this issue. A drama of generational proportions ensue between the family members while Alex practices his piano playing. The play description may be found on the Rogue Theater website, located here.

This play has been mentioned in the Broadway press. Broadway World magazine has two articles, here and here. Please buy tickets for our upcoming play in the Rogue Theater Festival. Tickets here.

Our Film "The Bet" Wins Multiple Awards

We would like to announce that our recently completed film, "The Bet" premiered at the following film festivals: The 2020 Lady Filmakers Festival, The Toronto Indie Horror Film Festival, Night of the Horror Festival and The Diabolical Horror Film Festival. Some laurels and the trailer for the film are below:


The Bet Trailer from Magic Dog Productions on Vimeo.

Manhattan Film Premier for Deus Ex Machina Short Circuit

We would like to announce that our film, "Deus Ex Machina Short Circuit" premiered at the CHAIN Film Festival on August 12, 2019 at the CHAIN Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, New York, New York. The film is about a blogger named Minnesota Marty, who is shocked when his computer comes to life and begins talking to him. Minnestota Marty discusses with God (i.e google) the nature of religion and concepts of infinity.

Deus Ex Machina: Short Circuit Teaser Trailer from Rick Hamilton on Vimeo.

The 2019 Long Island City One Act Play Festival at the Secret Theater

We were thrilled to be a part of the Secret Theater's 2019 LIC One-Act Play Festival. Our entire play is presented below with some commentary. Our poster is also below.

Interview with Playwright Nicholas Bompart

Bompart Productions was pleased to be part of Van Dirk Fisher's Strawberry One Act Festival held at the Riant Theater for the play Garcon a la Pipe. As part of that festival, playwright Nicholas Bompart was interviewed by the illustrious Pearl Hale.

Interview with playwright Nicholas Bompart for his play ARTISTIC REFLECTIONS from Van Fisher on Vimeo.

Photographic Stills from the upcoming film Bibere

In the upcoming film Bibere, Jack questions the nature of reality while interacting with Samantha, who may be an imaginary construction of Jack's mind.

Two Stills from the upcoming film Volume Control

In the upcoming film Volume Control, scientists discuss the morality of of a cure-all medicine, while pondering the eternal question "What do I do with this brain?"

Some Prior Plays Performed Off-Broadway

Deus ex Machina Short Circuit was also produced as a one act play at Theater 80 St. Marks.

Opposites and Contradictions is a play about a man named William, who once may have been a psychiatrist, who is experiencing dreams and is having difficulty separating his visions from reality.

Operation Paperclip is a play about Wener von Braun, after he was brought to the United States by US agents at the close of WWII. Werner is confronted by Jacob, who was a Jewish victim of Nazi science. Werner and Jacob discuss religion, infinity and the cosmos, all at the time of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Garcon a la Pipe played at the Hamilton Stage, Union County Performing Arts Center as part of the Kicking and Swearing One Act Festival and it also played at the Riant Theater as part of Van Dirk Fisher's Strawberry One Act Festival. The play is about Pablo Picasso, who has an imaginary dicussion with three figures that are depicted in his famous and illustrious painting "Geurnica".

Musical Productions

Maestro Vagharshak Ohanyan directing soloist Nicholas Bompart and the Snorhali Choir.

Maestro Vagarshak Ohanyon accompanies Nicholas Bompart and Alyne Corrigan in their performance of Mozart's La Ci Davem La Mano, from the Opera Don Giovanni.

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